When the Dark Knight almost occupied Wall Street

Thousands of 

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors are marking the two-month anniversary of the rapidly growing movement with a day of action and marches across New York City.

So it is probably worth noting that the upcoming Batman film – The Dark Knight Rises –  almost came in contact with OWS during a recent shoot on the streets of NYC.

“It seemed like a good idea to give [the protesters] an opportunity to work, to give them money,” meaning the protestors could have been hired as extras, Matthew Modine told Entertainment Weekly and Indie Wire.

But, said Modine, the Dark Knight gang ultimately decided against it.

“We didn’t want to trivialize [anything]… It was more important to respect what they’re doing than to do anything that could potentially trivialize the political situation.”

As EW notes, it’s still not clear exactly what pre-existing plot-line in Dark Knight Rises the OWS protest have factored into. Perhaps the troubled Gotham City is experiencing its very own recession?

Truthfully, who knows how the Occupy Wall Street protests would have reacted to a billionaire running around in a cape and souped up vehicles while so many are out of work.

Hey now, maybe that’s a good idea for a movie: a bunch of super heros forced to experience poverty because they don’t get paid for their good deeds.

Oh wait, Will Smith was that homeless superhero, and Spider-Man was always broke…