Why the new Evil Dead is ditching Ash

One detail of the upcoming Evil Dead film that has fans scratching their collective heads is the salient absence of Ash, the protagonist of the original film.

Of course, none of the original characters are actually going to be reprised. Instead, the movie will depict a new group of young people with their own names and personalities who experience the same challenges.

However, Bruce Campbell, who played Ash in the first film, is helping to produce the latest iteration of the Evil Dead franchise.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Campbell attempted to explain the reasoning behind the change to the remake.

“There’s no Ash character in it. That pisses people off, because like ‘How can you have Evil Dead without Ash?’

“We didn’t want to have the direct comparison. You put Ash and all those characters in it, ‘Oh, that guy was okay.’ I wouldn’t want to put an actor in that position.”

On the surface this explanation seems just a tad arrogant; essentially taking the character out so another actor doesn’t have to live up to your own previous performance. It’s also a little futile, considering the comparisons will be unavoidable.

No matter how they change the names and characters around, people will still compare the original to the remake forever, and will especially compare whoever the new leading man is to Campbell.

The original film is about a group of young people who find the Book of The Dead in a cabin in the woods, and unknowingly release a hoard of demons. Bruce Campbell’s character is the only one who makes it out alive.