Sony’s mobile Playstation Suite grows wings

Sony has begun giving developers a beta version of its software development kit (SDK) for what will be its future mobile gaming presence.

Playstation Suite was first announced about a year ago, and is a specialized platform for Android.

The new platform launch alongside the Playstation Vita, and will allow anyone with an Android 2.3+ phone to play classic PS One games on their phone. The exact same app will also be available on the NGP.

On the mobile front, this is a feature only Android phone owners will get to enjoy. Sorry, iPhone nuts. You’re not getting any official gaming support from Sony.

In addition to tweaking classic PS1 games to work with Android touch-screen controls, Sony will create new mobile games for the platform. This is easily the biggest gaming-related announcement Android has ever had.

“SCE will vigorously enhance the entertainment world delivering the PlayStation experience to a wider base of users,” Sony said at the time of Suite’s unveiling.

In addition to coming to Android phones, PS Suite will also be heading to tablets. Sony recently bought out its mobile partner Ericsson, which means a true “PlayStation Phone” is likely to come out in the future. Until then, Sony will only continue to ramp up its mobile presence.