Will Steve Jobs be Person of the Year?

Although we lost Steve Jobs last month, we’re still seeing him everywhere, from the covers of countless magazines, all over the web, and at the top of the best sellers list with his biography from Simon and Schuster.

Not to mention, his innovations that were in development while he was still at Apple will be rolling out over the next several years.

Now there’s debate on Time Magazine’s official website whether he’ll actually make the cover as Man of the Year. 

As Nick Carbone writes, Time’s been picking Person of the Year for their cover since 1927, and Jobs and the Occupy Wall Street protestors are both hot in the running for this year.


Although Time never put a deceased person on the cover as Person of the Year, both Brian Williams and Mario Batali were both for a Jobs cover.

“I’m definitely of the belief that smartphones, the cell phone with photographic capability, has changed the world as much as the Bible has,” Batali said.


Whereas Carbone writes that Jesse Eisenberg voted for “protesters both home and abroad.” Seth Meyers from SNL also concurred, and said, “I do think that Angry People are the Person of the Year because I think they have the right to be angry.”

Of course, t
here is also the debate as to whether an “evil person” should be Person of the Year. Brian Williams felt nominating Osama bin Laden, as Carbone continues, “would bestow an implied honor on the Navy SEALs and all the members of the military who are fighting American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”


Polls where we all can vote for Person of the Year are coming soon, and the winner will be unveiled when the issue hits newsstands mid-December.