slated for sweeping facelift

No doubt as a way to correspond with the large changes coming to the Xbox 360 console itself, Microsoft is planning to bring a bundle of new features to its Xbox website.

The main focus of the site redesign appears to be adding social connectivity. Over the last year, Microsoft has done a lot to cohesively bring users together over all of its entertainment products.

So someone with a Zune or Windows Phone can connect with a PC gamer, who may be friends with Xbox Live account holders and those with a Windows Live Messenger account.

The new will take all of that into consideration, making it easy to find friends who have similar gaming tastes and connect with them directly from the site.

Additionally, in a feature similar to allowing users to queue up Xbox Live game downloads, users will now be able to browse the videos available on Xbox Live, buy or rent them from, and then view on their Zune, Xbox 360, or Windows Phone.

This all comes as the Xbox 360 “Dashboard” is expected to receive a massive update in a matter of days. The update will likely bring with it the ability to watch live TV from the console, as well as offer enhanced support for voice commands through Kinect and several other miscellaneous features.

Microsoft says the revamp will be rolled out “in the coming days” and has not given a specific timeframe for the Dashboard update.