Sony updates Music Unlimited

A huge update was just released for Sony’s flagship music streaming service known as Music Unlimited.

The update has been rolled out to the PS3 version of the service, and brings with it an entirely new visual appeal and aesthetic along with a couple new features.

For starters, users can now access a “My Channels” menu, which allows them to create custom radio stations based on their specific favorite artists. Previously, there were only generic radio stations based on genres and they were not customizable.

Music Unlimited is a service similar to leading online radio provider Pandora – it lets users listen to an unlimited amount of music at little to no cost but does not give users direct control over what songs they’re allowed to stream.

There is a premium version of the Sony service that does allow users to find individual tracks and save them for playback whenever they want, but that service works more like Rhapsody or Napster.

For the majority of Music Unlimited users, those who don’t subscribe to the premium service, the My Channels feature will be a welcome addition.

The new update also gives users much more flexibility from their PS3 console, allowing them to edit their custom channels, more easily skip a song or mark one as a “disliked” track, and customize playlists.

The update is also heading to other devices with Music Unlimited, including Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray players.