Xbox 360 failure rate is twice that of Wii, PS3

The number of people who need to send in their Xbox 360 system for repairs is more than double that of its competitors, despite improvements to the platform that were supposed to fix these issues.

The Xbox 360 was maligned for years because of the huge number of users whose systems encountered a fatal error. The infamous “red rings of death” made some gamers paranoid, knowing any minute their console could just lock up and be rendered useless.

Microsoft’s redesign of the system a couple years ago has by all accounts reduced the number of “red ring” victims significantly, but not the number of people who still encounter some kind of issue.

According to a user survey at, 10% of Xbox 360 owners have had to send in their console for repairs over the last year. Neither the PS3 nor the Wii broke 5%.

However, during the same survey in 2010, an amazing 23% said they had to send in their Xbox 360 for repairs. So the number is going down but it’s still not low enough for gamers to feel comfortable.

The problems with the Xbox 360 have become as legendary as the console itself. Nevertheless, it continues to receive high praise from players for its best-in-class online gaming platform and a number of exclusive high-profile titles.