Fantastic Voyage will be a muddy love story

James Cameron recently updated the press about his upcoming Fantastic Voyage, a remake of the 1960’s classic film and novel.

The original movie is about a team of scientists who miniaturize themselves in a special submarine, which then travels inside of an ill colleague to save his life.

The story has been readapted several times including the cult-classic comedy Innerspace, with Martin Short, Dennis Quaid, and a not-yet-superstar Meg Ryan from the late 80’s.

Cameron told Deadline that his big plan is to transform the latest iteration of the claassic into a love story by sending the protagonist into his own wife’s body – where he will save her life along with their failing marriage.

Comparing the film to Titanic, he claimed that the core of the movie will be an emotional turbulence which intensifies once the character gets into his wife’s brain. 

Honestly, this kind of allegorical heavy-stuff is bound to turn the film into an unnecessary melodrama. Further, when I think about how sophisticated the effects are going to be with the technology available to Cameron, all I can really think is that it’ll be gross. 

A realistic journey through the human body would be disgusting. We can only hope it won’t also be in 3D.

Fantastic Voyage is still in pre-production, as the script is not finalized yet, but I would expect casting and production to begin next summer, putting the release probably out into 2014.

There are rumors that the planned director, Shawn Levy, might back down from the project, which would obviously cause significant delays.