Battlefield 3 hackers bypass Origin requirement

A group of gamers who aren’t exactly happy with the requirement of using EA’s Origin platform to play Battlefield 3 has managed to find a way around the annoying stipulation.

The group is called Razor1911, and speaks for all who have grown tired of EA’s constant advertising of Origin.

Origin is EA’s new digital download platform for PC gamers. It’s a direct competitor to Steam, which had been happily recognized as the standard for digital PC game downloads.

The company has been trying to do anything it can to attract attention to Origin, including forcing it onto those who want to play its most popular games.

Battlefield 3 was heralded as one of the biggest game launches in industry history and as such has a very large following. Not everyone wants to join Origin, though.

Razor1911 posted a message saying the Origin circumvention hack was “dedicated to our fans worldwide who bought this game on [sic] legal way and don’t want to install the trojan from Electronic Arts to play online.”

EA is most likely going about the Origin platform all wrong. Instead of encouraging slow growth and getting customers to trust and like the platform, it is shoving it down their throats. That can’t lead to anything but trouble.