Sony eyes biometric controllers

Sony recently filed a patent application for a biometric controller and handheld device that boasts similar specs to the upcoming Playstation Vita.

The patent, originally spotted by SiliconEra, describes a controller capable of measuring three primary biometric factors: galvanic skin resistance, electro-cardio data and electro-muscular information.

Meaning, the controller or game device would monitor how moist your skin is, along with your heart rhythm and muscle movements.

According to the Japanese-based corporation, biometric controllers would help enable more realistic virtual environments and immersive gameplay.

For example, future titles could include in-game weapons that react to your actual physical condition: increased stress would affect marksmanship, making it difficult to properly snipe at an enemy.

In addition, tensing up your muscles could be interpreted as a command to attack or charge a shield, while an an adrenaline style boost may allow your character to run faster, jump higher and punch harder.

Obviously, such technology is probably at least 3-5 years from being realistically implemented.

Still, I can’t help but wonder how biometric controllers could help change the future of gaming, for FPS titles such as Crysis, Battlefield, Modern Warfare, and yes, even RPGs like Elder Scrolls.  

Sure, a holodeck or Matrix-like chair would be better, but I’ll take what I can get, well, at least in the short-term.