Xbox firmware update may be this week

We may see a major upgrade to the Xbox 360 software faster than expected, with a recent report suggesting it could come this week.

Microsoft fan site Win Rumors says the planned “Dashboard Update” is ready to deploy. Previous speculation said it would be available around November 15 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the launch of the original Xbox.

Microsoft teased the update at the annual E3 trade show earlier this year. Among the features expected to roll out are the ability to stream live TV, have access to exclusive sports and music content, and deeper integration and menu controls with the Kinect motion and voice recognition.

Microsoft is good at presenting a lot of really high-concept, lofty marketing language, but some have had issues with its inability to deliver on those high promises.

The Kinect is a good example, as it was supposed to revolutionize the way we play and has ended up being nothing more than a unique version of the Wii.

The update may also include additions to the infrastructure of Windows Phone, making its integration with Xbox Live more powerful. Currently, users are able to play special Xbox mobile games and earn points for their Xbox 360 account, and can check in with their Xbox 360 buddies.

Additional enhancements to that connectivity may include real-time cross-platform multiplayer and Kinect integration with Windows Phone.