250GB hard drive now available for Xbox 360

The 250 gigabyte hard drive that came packed in with the Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Wafare 2 bundle, will now be available as a standalone product.

Memory-hungry Xbox 360 owners began salivating when Activision and Microsoft announced the bundle, offering a hard drive with more than double the amount of space available on the then-higest-capacity 120 GB HDD.

At the time, Microsoft said it had no plans to bring the 250 GB drive to market as a standalone unit. But that would be a dumb move in the long run, so the high-capacity storage device is now available for existing Xbox 360 owners.

It goes to show just how much more content people are downloading today compared to when the 360 first launched. On that release date in 2005, the only models available were one with a 20 GB hard drive and one that had no hard drive at all.