Top 5 Mobile Games for 2016

Mobile games are very much taking over every aspect of human life with people playing them at home, on the streets, in queues, in shops, at football matches, in the cinema, and even in the toilet. So many games are now being made available to play on mobile devices but which ones are the ones to watch out for in 2016?


Survival games seem to be a massive hit with players at the moment. This could perhaps be due to the success of television shows and movies such as The Walking Dead and The Martian but it is a genre that taps into the human instinct. A desire to survive in extreme conditions without having to actually experience said conditions.

This Butterscotch Shenanigans-developed title sees players crash land on an alien planet and thus begins the survival attempt. Players must scavenge and craft their way to survival in a game that offers more to it than you might imagine from a mobile game. The interface and controls are user friendly and the characters and plotline have more depth than you might anticipate. Features in the game include RPG-style character progression, skill-based combat modes, and base-building tasks.

Slotomania HD Casino

The visual side of mobile gaming is making advances at a rate that is faster than anyone could have comprehended. Not only are HD casinos taking over the desktop platform but they are now becoming the norm with mobile casinos. This casino app from Playtika is one of those incarnations that does not disappoint.

Players can try their hand at a range of  over 140 classic casino slot games including Flamingo, Diamond Life, Elvis, Wild Pixies, Tinkerbell’s Fortunes, American Glory, All-Star Christmas, and Nashville Nights. There are also a wealth of other fun games for players to get involved in. It is possible to get social and play with friends on the games. Rewards can also be won for those that play on the games frequently. Players can play this mobile casino app for free with a free coins bonus every 3 hours. There are also innovative and exciting promotions every day. Players can also trigger bonus mini-games.

Casino slot games have been on a rise for many years now, more and more players love playing these exciting pokies games on offer, as technology has improved it has now become a lot easier for us to get involved in 5 reel or 3 reel slot games on the go. If you want to try your luck or just want to find out more about the games, there are great sites out there that you can check out. This page here gives you all the relevant information about the different games on offer, jackpots and bonuses.

Lost in Harmony

Now if you want to talk about cutting edge graphics and a slickness in game play that feels like mobile gaming has been taken to the next level then this Digixart Entertainment-developed mobile title will deliver the goods. The premise of this game is very simple. Players take on the role of skateboarder Kaito who is tasked with carrying his friend (or girlfriend perhaps!), Aya, down a road that is filled with various obstacles and challenges. It seems like a concept that would be very hard to pitch to a developer but in reality it is a very addictive mobile game that will absorb hours from your day without you even knowing.

The latest version of the game allows players to use a brand new level creator, unlock all kits in the creator, earn 11 new achievements, utilise a one-tap level generator to analyse music and totally create levels, and have the choice to toggle with the “tap to jump” and “visual warnings” to give players a more customed gaming experience.

Toca Blocks

This is undoubtedly the most visually stunning game on this list and it probably has the coolest name of any mobile games available on the market. It was developed by Toca Boca AB and is a rather strange title that seems to borrow heavy influences from the classic Super Mario Bros franchise on the Nintendo computer console.

It is a game that seems to be targeted at kids with a playful theme where players are asked to build their own worlds and levels before they experience them and socialise with others within the game in these various worlds. It is a game that taps into the creative and social aspects of children which is a fantastic thing to see on the mobile market in such a negative world.

Super Tribes

If you were a fan of strategy games growing up and played the likes of Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, or Civilization then you might well be keen to get your hands on a game like Super Tribes. It almost seemed impossible to transfer the level of detail from desktop strategy games to the mobile platform but Midjiwan AB appear to have pulled it off with this title.

In this game, players must explore, exploit, expand, and exterminate to progress. It seems medieval, it seems brutal, but most of all it seems fun. The mission is simple. Players are given 30 turns to take their generated world and evolve it as much as possible compared to other players. Players then compete to earn the highest score. It is a competitive mobile game that takes turn-based strategy games on the mobile market to the next level.