Wireless gaming headsets – What’s in store for the gamers in 2016?

If you’re an avid lover of video games, you must be looking for a wireless gaming headset that gives you enough freedom to move about in the room, has exceptional battery life, is comfortable and provides zero latency between the scenes that you see on screen and the sound that is transferred to your ears. If you buy a headset and experiencelatency, that is nothing but a problem of the headset as a fraction of a second can even have an irritating impact on your gaming experience. Therefore, the most vital factors which are important to note before buying wireless gaming headsets are uninterrupted sound streaming and low latency.

Whatsoever may be the factors, you might just feel impatient to know about the various wireless gaming headsets that are going to set the market on fire this 2016? Just like you’ve been familiar with Cisco headsets, below is a list of wireless headsets that you can try if you’re a gamer.

  1. SteelSeries Siberia 800: Its USP is high quality sound, extremely low latency and comfortable headphones. There are many small things which matter with regards to gaming headset. Battery life, comfort, latency, quality, surround sound, all of these are important features that a buyer checks before buying the headphone. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 boasts of having all the aforementioned features and the price is also pretty fair. It uses a rechargeable battery pack and also contains an extra pack which you can use when the other one stops working.

  1. Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930: This contains a handy auto-muting mic and is an affordable option for those who can’t afford the pricier ones. Although these headphones are a bit older, yet this has a positive impact on the price and you can grab it at a price lower than $100. You get 7.1 surround sound from thisLogitech headphone and it offers you 3 on-ear buttons that you can operate yourself and prepare it for different commands. The mic is also incorporated with auto-mute system which lowers the noise in the background.

  1. Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300: Affordability, game-on-the-go options and comfortable ear cups are the USPs of this product. Turtle Beach has been a famous company which has earned a reputation of game-oriented headsets which are extremely comfortable for the ear. It offers 7.1 surround sound but it has only 1 rechargeable battery which lasts around 15 hours. However, this headset doesn’t have the retractable mic which makes it take a back seat when compared to the SteelSeries.

Wireless gaming headset features – What are the most important ones?

Material of ear-cup:

  • Watch out for high quality foam or other natural materials which have long life expectancy

  • Don’t forget to go through user reviews to see the time through which the ear cups last.

Driver size:

  • When it comes to millimeters, driver sizes are usually in their 50s but make sure that bigger drivers is not equivalent to better sound and they can even create more vibration.

Type of wireless connection:

  • When it’s a bluetooth connection, it allows individual device pairing and this is a more handy option for gaming on the go.

  • Wireless connections might give you space for more personalization and easier to use at home.

Hence, if you’re in the market to get yourself a new wireless headset, you should take into account the above mentioned information. If required, you may also visit headsets Plus as they too have a great collection of wireless headsets.