James Bond, is beer the new martini?

Which fan does not know  “Shaken, not stirred”?  The spy with a licence to kill has always been very particular on how he wants his martini cocktail mixed, but  Daniel Craig was the  first to break with this tradition. In “Casino Royale”, when asked how he would like his martini, he practically said, who cares.

Now he is going one step further. In his most probably only Spectre related advertisement, Craig finishes a typically Bond boat chase with two bottles of Heineken beer and a girl in a bikini, the girl is in his job description but the beer is new.

The Dutch beer brewer has a tradition of Bond sponsoring, there was a scene in Skyfall where you could distinctly see Daniel Craig sipping from a bottle of heineken, causing lots of fans to protest. The company plans to invest $100 million dollars in their new ad campaign, also giving James Bond a female side-kick this time, to prevent any allegations of misogyny.

The 90 second ad has a few hints at past Bond movies, including a cameo from a Herve Villechaize look alike and a, not very effective, hat throwing scene à la Oddjob.

See for yourselves.