The Transporter Refuelled, is it really a Transporter without Statham?

Unsurprisingly, The Transporter Refuelled hasn’t had a good start at the box office.

The ratings speak for themselves, 4.7/10 IMDb, 16% Rotten Tomatoes and 34% Metacritic.

The story is simple: a guy with an English accent plays chauffeur in an Audi and has to beat up a load of really bad guys and gals on the way to his destination, without getting his suit spoilt. There isn’t much you can do about the car, it’s a car. So you are left with the guy in the suit who makes the difference.

Nothing against Ed Skrein but on one hand you have an ex-singer turned actor who hasn’t earned his horns yet and on the other, Jason Statham, an experienced martial artist who was a member of Britain’s National diving Squad, who at times earned his money on the streets.  Statham is convincing – every time he wins a fight you have the feeling that the guy knows what he is doing. Skrein didn’t even get a second chance as Daario Naharis in the Game of Thrones.

Now go and do the math.

I don’t know who makes the decisions in Hollywood but maybe they should spend more time watching their own movies than doing whatever else they are pretending to do.