X-Men and Fantastic Four May Join Forces

There’s been a bit in the news lately about movie mash-ups, where the studios could potentially put together tow movies into one. There was talk of a 21 Jump Street / Men in Black mash-up that thankfully hasn’t come to pass, and now there’s speculation that X-Men and Fantastic Four could come together.

This obviously makes more sense with Batman Vs Superman coming in March, and a planned Justice League movie. The Fantastic Four movie is the big question mark with this, because while the X-Men have been going great guns in recent years, the new Four movie has yet to prove that it can revive the franchise.

X-Men director Bryan Singer tells Collider “ideas are in play” that could end up brining the teams together, and again, with the Avengers, Justice League and B V S, superhero teams have been the big thing for a while, even with superheroes losing some heat at the box office.

Singer further told Yahoo, “That would be a natural match-up because they’re both ensemble films and there is a natural mechanism by which to do it. It deals with time.” Singer wouldn’t elaborate further, but perhaps