Logan’s Run Reboot Back in Play

A redo of Logan’s Run has been in the works for a long time, and in the past fifteen years or so, it still hasn’t gotten off the ground. Now comes news that Simon Kinberg, writer of X-Men Days of Future Past and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, may be bringing the long in gestation sci-fi remake alive again.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Kinberg will be writing the story treatment for Warner Brothers, and a screenwriter will be brought in to do the full blown screenplay. The Reporter calls Logan’s Run as “the OG of the post-apocalyptic YA genre,” which could be a big reason it could be getting a new revival, but we also think the whole teen dystopia thing might be out of steam by this point as well.

We’re shocked that Logan’s Run hasn’t been remade already, because it’s a great concept for today. In the future, you live a live of pleasure, but you have to die when you’re twenty-one. One man, the Logan of the title, decides to buck the rules, and takes off into the unknown before his time is up.

In addition to the Logan’s Run reboot, Kinberg is also producing X-Men: Apocalypse, Gambit, and Deadpool. Could he indeed be the right man to bring Logan’s Run back to life? We’ll see if it can finally meet the finish line, but again, it’s a great concept that could get a good modern day reboot today.