Benicio Del Toro Up to Play Villain in Star Wars VIII

With Adam Driver playing a villain in the new Star Wars, it’s a little ironic that Benico Del Toro might be playing a Star Wars villain, or so net rumors have it, because he kinda looks like Driver.

So anyways, with Star Wars The Force Awakens coming this December, rumors about the next Star Wars movies have been out there in the geek-o-sphere, and Variety tells us that Del Toro is “being eyed” for Star Wars Episode VIII.

Apparently casting is going on right now, and Del Toro has indeed been offered the role of the villain for the next installment. As we’ve seen with a lot of casting news, just because he’s been offered it doesn’t mean he’ll take it, but this could be too irresistible to pass up. (Although he did turn down playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness…)

Star Wars Episode VIII will be hitting theaters May 26, 2017.