Fight Club: The Opera?

When you see Fight Club, you don’t think singin’ and dancin’, but apparently there is a Fight Club opera in the works, with the help of its director, David Fincher, as well as Trent Reznor.

As Uproxx reports, this is the brainchild of Julie Taymor, who also gave us the Broadway version of the Lion King, and she’s working with Fincher on an opera, for which Reznor will apparently do the music for.

Reznor has been collaborating with Fincher for years now, providing the music for The Social Network, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Gone Girl. Ironically enough, Reznor did not provide any music for Fight Club, and maybe they’re making up for lost time.

While we’re not sure how this could work out, but The Fly was done as an opera as well, and it was certainly a tragic story that we guess could lend itself to that kind of musical performance. Who knows if this opera will make it to the finish line, and maybe it will really surprise us and be a masterpiece. If not, it could almost be some kind of wild sabotage act cooked up by Project Mayhem themselves.