Han Solo Movie Officially a Go With the Team Behind Lego

Along with The Force Awakens this December, there will be several Star Wars spin-off movies. There’s has been speculation for some time that there would be a Han Solo prequel, and now reports have hit that the team behind the Lego Movie will be making it.

Vanity Fair tells us that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, who also gave us 21 Jump Street, will helm the Han Solo movie, which has a release date of May 25, 2018. (Memorial Day is usually when the Star Wars films are officially released, but this year we’re getting Star Wars for Xmas.)

As Miller and Lord said in a statement, “This is the first film we’ve worked on that seems like a good idea to begin with…This is a dream come true for us. And not the kind of dream where you’re late for work and all your clothes are made of pudding…”

Miller and Lord will write and direct the Han Solo solo film, and this report also tells us that the third official Star Wars film in the new sequels will be written by Lawrence Kasdan, who also wrote Empire and Jedi, and his son Jon. As this report tells us, the Solo film will focus on how he became “the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel who Luke and Ob-Wan first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley.”

This is intriguing to us, because one can only imagine the kind of trouble Solo got into before Luke and Obi-Won came along.