Star Wars Won’t Reveal All at Comic-Con

Star Wars is now about six months away from hitting theaters, and it’s of course going to be a major event at Comic-Con this month. As the movie gets closer, we’ll of course see and learn more, but we all know JJ and company aren’t going to give away the store when Star Wars hits the Con this Saturday.

Collider tells us a new trailer will not debut at Comic-Con, but we’re dying to read the reports of what JJ Abrams and Empire / Jedi screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan are going to say about the movie. The next Star Wars trailer will reportedly be ready by the fall, so we’ll just have to wait on that one.

Collider is glad there won’t be any footage being shown, as far as anyone can tell, and as much as we’d love to be the ones who know all the Star Wars secrets, we geeks also love to salivate the mystery of what’s to come, especially if you grew up in the days before we had the internet and we knew almost nothing about the movie before opening day. We know it’s going to be hard to do that in this day and age, but fans like to maintain the mystique as well.

Star Wars the Force Awakens will be hitting theaters December 18, and we’re especially looking forward to reading the first legit reviews to see how the finished product finally came out.