Chris Pine May Play the Green Lantern

Chris Pine is well on his way to being a major movie star. Even though he fumbled trying to revive Jack Ryan, he’s still got Star Trek, and now he may be in the next Green Lantern. flick

The Green Lantern is one of a number of superheroes that’s begging for a reboot, and Pine is rumored to be up for the role. As Collider reminds us, Pine was up to play the male lead in Wonder Woman, which is another DC Comics / Warner Brothers property, and maybe now he’s being looked at as a potential Hal Jordan for the studio.

And of course, the speculation would be the Green Lantern would be in a Justice League movie before the Green Lantern comes back. Now always remember this is just a rumor right now, and rumors like these are a dime a dozen out there in cyberspace. While Pine has brought Captain Kirk back, we think he could make a good superhero as well.