Terminator Genisys Reviews Are In

James Cameron recently gave a ringing endorsement for the new Terminator movie, Grnidyd, saying it’s the true third movie of the Terminator franchise. While the movie didn’t look promising, we figured a Cameron endorsement was a sign of hope, because if he didn’t like to movie, he wouldn’t have to say anything about it at all.

So the first official reviews are in, and apparently Terminator Genisys is as lackluster as it looks from the trailers. Variety confirmed what we expected that this is a “reboot of a series whose best days are long behind it.”

Apparently the time traveling of this movie ends up changing the storylines of Terminator we all love, and Variety says it makes the movie “feel at once back to basics and confoundingly revisionist…the movie’s willingness to veer crazily off-course feels less objectionable than the monotony and sense of self-parody that kick in long before the whimper of a finish.”

The Hollywood Reporter was similarly unimpressed, calling this Terminator “past its expiration date…enough already.”