Independence Day: Resurgence is Ready to Take Off

It’s been in the works forever, and today, June 22, there was a big press conference to announce the movie’s full title, and more.

So here it is, the ID4 sequel is called, in full, Independence Day: Resurgence. As Collider reports, the movie will take place in modern day, 2016, when the movie will hit theaters, and Jeff Goldblum is going to be the head of Earth Space Defense, an organization protecting the world from aliens.

There will be a woman president, played by Sela Ward, and oddly enough, Dr. Okun, the crazy hippie doctor, will be coming back with longer hair. (We thought he was done in the first one.) What little story we can gather so far is that the earth has been preparing for a war against aliens for the last twenty years, and obviously we’re going to get it next year.

As we reported previously, Will Smith won’t be back, but Jesse Usher will play his son.

Look for Independence Day: Resurgence a little over a year from now, June 24, 2016.