Famed Composer James Horner R.I.P.

When the news broke that a plane registered to James Horner had crashed, we hoped he wasn’t onboard considering the reports said the plane was “registered” to him. But then the news came through that he unfortunately perished in the crash, and it’s indeed a big loss.

Going to Facebook, many of my film buff friends have been posting clips of their favorite Horner scores, and it reminded me of so many great scores he composed over the years. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Cocoon. Aliens. Field of Dreams. Glory. The Rocketeer. Apollo 13. Braveheart. Titanic. A Beautiful Mind. Sneakers. And so many more.

Horner did so many movies with Cameron, he became a crucial component to his work, much like FX wizard Stan Winston was an important part of James’s team. In fact, you can practically consider Horner to be Cameron’s Bernard Hermann, the famed composer who was indispensible to Alfred Hitchcock.

So it is indeed very sad news to report of Horner’s passing, and we recommend listening to his great music in his memory. While it’s sad to know that we won’t have any more music from him, he left an incredible body of work behind that should live on for a long time.