Jurassic World: Official Reviews Are In

Okay, so we know that the fan interest for Jurassic World is off the charts. We just reported here on TG that the box office pundits are predicting that it will make over a hundred million this weekend, and advance ticket sales are very strong. But what about the actual movie?

Well, official reviews are now in, and while it doesn’t matter what the critics think, the movie’s going to make a ton of dough regardless, early reaction to the film isn’t good. The Daily Beast calls World, “A big, dumb, sexist mess,” and “aggressively bad.”

Variety writes that World is “an undeniably vigorous assault of jaw-chomping jolts and Spielbergian family bonding that nevertheless captures only a fraction of the original film’s overflowing awe and wonderment. Jurassic World can be seen as a self-aware commentary on the difficulties of sustaining a popular franchise in an age where spectacular ‘event’ movies are the rule more than the exception.”

While the trailer for Jurassic World looks great, we also know deep down that the first movie will always be the best, and like another Spielberg classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark, it still holds up very well. And ultimately the critics won’t put a dent in the movie’s opening weekend take. Whether these dinosaurs have legs into the second week, that’s another story altogether.