Jurassic World Advance Tickets Selling Like Mad

There’s still no official reviews for Jurassic World yet, but if advance ticket sales are any indication, the movie should make a killing this weekend.

Advance interest in Jurassic World has been huge among moviegoers, the trailer has gotten millions of downloads on YouTube, and now Variety tells us that ticket sales for World are “outpacing all 2014 blockbusters,” and that includes The Avengers and Furious 7. Predictions for this weekend? The box office pundits put the take at a whopping $115 million.

Fandango and MovieTickets.com report that ticket sales for World are very brisk, and Variety says that this weekend World will account for over 90% of all weekend sales at the box office. (At MovieTickets.com, Jurassic World is accounting for 52% of all ticket sales in the last 24 hours.)

Again, no official reviews in yet, but if the movie doesn’t deliver, it doesn’t matter, because audiences are dying to head over to Jurassic World this weekend, and it’s certain to make a ton of dough, really ushering in the summer movie season with a bang.