James Cameron Gives Terminator Genisys the Thumbs Up

We at TG have been very doubtful about the latest Terminator movie, Genisys. We’re of the opinion that fans really don’t want to see the Terminator old, and feel the series should have ended with Judgment Day, because without James Cameron at the helm, it’s just not the same.

Except now Cameron has seen Genisys, and he’s raving about it. Cameron told USA Today and Uproxx, “If you watch a film where you’re going on a journey, you’re following the story, and you care about the characters, then you can put the pedal to the metal and the action can be relentless. It gives you that kind of body experience where it’s exhilarating, where you’re actually getting an adrenaline rush. That’s what I fought for in the first two films and I think this film delivers in exactly the same way.”

Cameron’s even gone as far as to say he considers Genisys “the third film” in the Terminator series, which is major praise indeed. “We see Arnold take the character even farther,” Cameron says.

While Uproxx has the slight suspicion that it could be Cameron doing “a shill job,” we can’t imagine Cameron praising anything unless he really liked it. Actually we can’t imagine Cameron doing anything he doesn’t want to do, you and what army’s going to make him, right?, so his opinion definitely carries some weight. The final verdict’s coming in this Fourth of July weekend when Genisys is unleashed on the world.