Heath Ledger Could Have Been Mad Max

Seeing the Dark Knight Rises was a wonderful, and sad, experience. Heath Ledger put in such a remarkable performance, and it was sad to know he’d never perform again as the Joker, or anyone else.

Now that Mad Max is back, director George Miller told IGN that Heath could have been the guy to take over the character. Although Tom Hardy’s doing a great job, it’s especially sad to think what Heath could have done in the role.

As Miller told IGN and The Daily Beast, “Every time Heath would come through Sydney, he’d call in and we’d chat about Max. He ahd that same thing that Mel and Tom Hardy have – that maleness, charisma, and restless energy, which you need to play a relatively still character.”

As Miller continued, “The world lost someone great when he went. Tom [Hardy] was the next to walk through the door that had that vibe.”

It’s wonderful to have Mad Max back, and to know that there will be more insane adventures in the future, but the mind boggles at what Heath would have been like in the lead.