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Mad Max Fury Road is Apparently a Big Winner

We’ve been saying it over and over…if the new Mad Max movie is half as good as the trailer, it’s going to be one hell of a flick.

Well, the first official reviews are in, and apparently the new reboot of Mad Max is indeed a winner. The Hollywood Reporter tells us, “After a long absence, Mad Max is back and in fine form…this madly entertaining new action extravaganza extravaganza energetically kicks more ass than any film ever made by a 70-year-old.”

Indeed, George Miller, director of the Mad Max series, along with Babe and Happy Feet, is indeed 70, but he’s apparently still got it as a filmmaker. The Wrap also wrote, “Three decades away from the series hasn’t diminished George Miller’s ability to craft an intense, breathless opera of violence and vehicular mayhem. Just when we think the Hollywood sequel-reboot-retread machine has worn itself down to a useless nub, along comes a movie to remind us that, sometimes, another dip in the same well can taste just as sweet.”

Having seen the trailers for Mad Max, and now reading the reviews, we can’t wait to see it, and it’s good to see the character back, and apparently better than ever. We’re glad to learn it was well worth the wait.