Galaxy Quest Series in the Works

If you love Galaxy Quest and wish it got another chance, there’s now a series in the works at Paramount. While it’s way too expensive to try and launch a movie sequel, perhaps TV will be the best way to resurrect one of the best sci-fi spoofs of the last (almost) twenty years.

Deadline tells us that Robert Gordon, who wrote the movie, will be onboard for the series, as well the director, Dean Parisot, and Mark Johnson, who was the producer. This key creative team will all reportedly executive produce the series, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon and Parisot write and direct some episodes as well.

Apparently Paramount is going through their movie vaults to try and make more past movies into series, like School of Rock, which is in the works for Nickelodeon, and Shooter, which is in the works for USA.

So again, it’s nice to see a beloved sci-fi spoof that really got it get another shot. We’re not sure how big the cult is today for Galaxy Quest, but we’d certainly love to see if get bigger for a new generation of fans.