Batman Vs Superman First Trailer to Debut in May

Long time readers of TG know we’re not nuts about the prospect of Batman Vs Superman, but it’s been made, and it’s coming next year, whether we like it or not. And now we’ll finally see some footage from it because the trailer will be ready soon, and it will play before Mad Max Fury Road.

It’s taken a long time to get Mad Max, which stars Tom Hardy in the title role, finished, but the trailer for it looks great, and we’re really looking forward to checking it out. It’s a franchise that’s been begging for a reboot for years, and we’re curious to finally see the Batman Vs Superman trailer, and see if it’s going to make a good movie or not.

As Variety confirms, the new Mad Max movie is coming on May 15, and we’re sure we’ll then see the BVS all over YouTube, where the studio will probably be gauging fan reaction (same with Facebook and Instagram).

Look for Batman Vs Superman on March 25, 2016, and we’re still hoping it won’t be a disaster.