Batman Vs Superman Plot Details Leak?

Just as the first photo of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor has leaked (and he looks pretty much like Jesse Eisenberg with a shaved head), there have now been potential plot points of Batman Vs Superman that have been leaked to the net. So we’ll alert you against spoilers, and we’ll reveal a bit without trying to give away the whole store.

According to a report on Collider, which cites Bad Ass Digest, it’s Superman who starts the fight with Batman, and as this news item tells us, “Superman is no lackey of the government; if anything, many of the world’s governments distrust the guy. But it is Superman who goes to Gotham and starts the confrontation…at the behest of Lex Luthor. Superman comes out swinging, pulverizing the Batmobile with one punch. Why would Superman do Lex Luthor’s bidding? What is Lex hoping to accomplish? But know that when the fight is over, Batman will be able to point to Superman and say, ‘He started it!’”

There has been a Batman Vs Superman movie in the works at Warner Brothers for a long time, and at one point Wolfgang Petersen was going to direct it. Having read some of the script, I can’t recall who started the fight or why, I think one of their girlfriends got killed, and one superhero blamed the other for it.

There has also been speculation there could be bat drones in the film, which would mean the movie is based on the Kingdom Come series of graphic novels. So if this report is true that Superman starts the fight for whatever reason, where do all the other superheroes fit in to all of this?

Again, we’re not so sure about all the Batman Vs Superman stuff, and we’re hoping to be proven wrong about it when it’s released in March 2016. Hopefully superhero movies will still have a big share of the movie-going market by then as well.