Already Talks For Terminator 6?

This summer, another Terminator movie, Genisys, will be unleashed, and we’re not nuts about the Terminator series being run into the ground. Megan and David Ellison, the kids of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, bought the rights to the series, and had to get another movie made and into the theaters by 2018 before the rights ran out.

The idea is to make another Terminator trilogy, and according to Uproxx, Arnold said, “Yes, of course, next year,” in response to whether he’ll be back for a sixth movie. The current plan is that Terminator 6 and 7 will be filming back to back for 2017 and 2018 releases respectively, and there is also a Terminator TV series in the works as well.

But as we’ve said before, we’re not real nuts about another incarnation of The Terminator and we think Ah-nold’s too old to do it. What little we’ve read about the next Terminator doesn’t sound terribly promising, and while a really bad or medicore Terminator movie will never tarnish the first two movies, we certainly don’t need more indifferent Terminator movies to add on to the pile.