Christoph Waltz May Play Blofeld in New 007

The twenty-fourth James Bond movie is currently slated for a DATE release, and there’s several big reasons to get excited for it. Number one, Christoph Waltz will reportedly play the villain, and number two, it’s going to be shot on film.

But the big potential news with Bond 24 is that Waltz may be playing Blofeld, the legendary Bond villain who was originally played by Donald Pleasance, and who was partial inspiration for Dr. Evil. (With Dr. Evil, Mike Myers was also doing an impersonation of Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels.)

This little bit of Bond rumor has been picked up by numerous sources on the web, including the Wall Street Journal, the new model Blofeld will be just as evil, but far less campy of course. With Waltz, he should also bring an erudite sophistication to the role as well. This could also mean that the master criminal organization, SPECTRE, which stood for Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, could be a part of the movie too.

If the next Bond film does Blofeld the old way, it would of course be silly and draw comparisons to Dr. Evil, but we’re willing to be that if he is indeed the villain this time around, he’ll be reinvented in a cool way, and will be a very good foe against 007.