Are The Hunger Games Over?

As we’ve noted many times here at TG, other than superhero teams, teen dystopia is still the hottest thing in the world. Or is it?

There’s been a bit of spin control in the press about the box office performance of Mockingjay Part One, but the film definitely fell short of expectations. It was predicted that the first part of the last chapter in the Hunger Games would make $150 million, just like the last two, but it came in at $121.8 million.

It’s odd to think that a movie making that much money in a three day period could be considered a let down, but it’s the lowest box office take of the series, even though it’s reportedly the best box office opening for any movie this year.

The L.A. Times ran an article questioning whether book adaptations should continue to be broken up like this, much like the Hobbit has been called to task for stretching out a story into three movies that could have been told in one or two. Perhaps this was the case with Mockingjay as well, and we’ll see if the final installment of The Hunger Games will ultimately redeem the saga’s legacy, or if teen dystopia has finally run its course.