Star Wars Network Coming For Special Xmas Run

Okay, it’s safe to say if there was really a Star Wars network showing nothing but Star Wars stuff 24/ 7 it would get old in a hurry, even for the most hardcore fans. But there is one indeed coming for the holidays, and for a brief moment it could be a lot of

As the Hollywood Reporter and tell us, there’s a German network called Sky Deutschland that will be doing a Star Wars HD network that will play nothing but Star Wars stuff nonstop in 24 hour loops, and it starts on December 1, and ends on December 14.

If there ever was a Star Wars network, eventually they’d run out of material and have to go back to (gasp!) The Star Wars Holiday Special. Would be fun to see that again for Thanksgiving (appropriate special for turkey day for sure), but in the upcoming years we’ll have a lot of new stories in the Star Wars universe for the big and small screen.

Sky Duetschland will be showing all the Star Wars films, along with a bunch of documentaries about the series.