Interstellar Teaser Posters Have Arrived

After completing the Dark Knight trilogy, where do you go from there? Probably outer space, because it’s sure hard to get much bigger on earth, and that’s exactly where Christopher Nolan is headed on November 7 with Interstellar.

There’s been a lot reported about Nolan’s next film, which is a sci-fi epic, and it’s reportedly about wormholes, but there’s very little information that’s gotten out about it. As we all know, big movies in Hollywood are top secret these days, especially when a big director’s at the helm, but we’re sure more will get out as the movie gets closer to release.

So far, there have been four teaser posters for the film, and the Hollywood Reporter’s been trying to read the tea leaves with them and figure out what they can reveal about the plot. While we don’t agree with the Reporter that the posters are “the most gorgeous posters ever seen,” a few of them do look nice and are indeed intriguing.

Above is our personal favorite, which encourages viewers to “Go further” in the tag-line. Other tag-lines for the film include: “Mankind was born on earth. It was never meant to die here.” “The end of earth will not be the end of us.” And finally, “Mankind’s next step will be our greatest.”

While The Dark Knight Rises was a disappointing finish to the Batman trilogy, our money’s still on the writing and directing skills of Nolan, and we’re hoping he’ll deliver with Interstellar this November.