Claim: Teen sells kidney for iPad 2

How badly do you want an iPad 2? Do you want it badly enough that you’d trade in one of your own kidney for the high tech toy?

Well, one 17-year-old Chinese teen did exactly that – selling one of his kidney for a cool 20,000 yuan (approximately $3,400) so he could buy the latest Apple tablet.

Turning to the trusty Internet, the boy offered the kidney on the black market without telling his (obviously clueless) parents about his decision.

According to the National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse, without kidneys:

“The body fills with extra water and waste products. Hands or feet may swell. A person will feel tired and weak because the body needs clean blood to function properly.

“Untreated uremia (kidney failure) may lead to seizures or coma and will ultimately result in death. A person whose kidneys stop working completely will need to undergo dialysis or kidney transplantation.”

Clearly this teen did not Google what happens without kidney(s) before he sold one.

When the boy returned home sans kidney, his mother freaked out. But strangely enough, the man who removed the kidney (*gasp*) did not answer his phone.

Police are investigating the case, hoping to locate the missing kidney or at least those responsible for the illegal operation on a minor. 

(Via Business Insider