WIMM Labs wants to turn you into a cyborg

WIMM Labs is currently in the process of designing a new class of connected micro devices in wearable form factors.

A company spokesperson told TG Daily WIMM has “just come out of stealth mode,” to announce funding from Foxconn – aka Hon Hai Precision Industries – one of the largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company.

“As digital information becomes increasingly vital to our daily lives, we need ways to make it more accessible, timely and relevant,” explained WIMM CEO Dave Mooring.

“Our platform, combined with our licensing model, and strong relationship with Foxconn, enables a whole new class of personal apps and smart devices designed to [provide] an [easy] way to synthesize, elevate, and display personal data.”

According to Mooring, the WIMM platform includes embeddable, touch-screen driven hardware, an open app environment and tightly integrated Web services.

“[We power devices] in mobile, sports, health, fashion, finance, and consumer electronics [which] deliver functionality such as command and control, personal productivity, information monitoring and display at a glance,” he added. 

Although information about WIMM’s platform is still somewhat “classified” and rather difficult to obtain, a company spokesperson promised to keep TG Daily in the loop about future developments and upcoming product launches.

I don’t know about you, but I’m waiting for a body gaming suit with full biofeedback capabilities. Anyone else?