Carell, and maybe Knightly, to star in doomsday romantic comedy

Now that Steve Carell is done with The Office, he’s looking to get right back into movies, and he’s starting off with a goofy sci-fi/romantic comedy.

Seeking a Friend For The End of The World is looking like it’s set-up to appeal to about as broad an audience as possible.

In the so-far described plot, a meteor is set to destroy the world, and every person on earth is going to die.

Still, this isn’t a flick about finding the hero who will save us all, it’s more about one of the little guys out in the crowds of people who expect the end to come, and how his life is torn apart, and then brought back together again by the news of the end of the world.

The protagonist’s wife leaves when the news comes, eager to make her last days count. An accounting which does not include Carell’s character.

Thinking he will now die alone, he is surprised to find a note from an old sweetheart, who wants to spend the end of the world with him.

His attractive neighbor decides to join him on his roadtrip to meet up with this old flame, and as can be guessed, the journey brings the two of them together. Keira Knightly is being considered for the role of the attractive neighbor.

I’m actually only assuming that the film will contain humor elements, due to the casting choices, and there is no word on how many genre tropes will make it into the movie, nor how heavy the special effects will be, but if they play their cinematic cards right, they could have a perfect geek date movie on their hands.