Assange relics, sorry, memorabilia up for sale

It’s not quite as good as a piece of the True Cross, perhaps, but anybody in the market for a religious icon might like to consider checking out eBay.

Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, currently under house arrest in the UK, are flogging off a series of pieces of memorabilia associated with the great man himself. The aim is to raise money towards his legal costs.

Cream of the crop may be a sachet of coffee reportedly smuggled out of Wandsworth Prison by Assange. It’s been signed and fingerprinted, says the vendor. The top bid at the moment is £250, or a shade under $400.

It’s one of three reportedly taken by Assange – just think, you could drink the same weak sludge as the hero himself.

There’s also a signed photograph of Assange at his 40th birthday party, with a current high bid of just under $1,000, and a signed copy of a UN cable, claimed to detail a request from Hillary Clinton that US diplomats should spy on UN officers.

Finally – and looking as if it’s likely to go for more than $10,000 – an old laptop owned by Assange is also up for grabs.

“It led to hundreds of front pages and was a causative element in ongoing political turmoil and reforms that are playing out as we speak,” says the blurb.

We assume he wiped the hard drive before handing it over.