Another Doctor Who trailer released

BBC has released a new season trailer for Doctor Who, and this one gives a really good glimpse at what this season will be like.

It’s still strange to refer to the next sequence of Doctor Who episodes as a “season” rather than a series, but that’s how it’s being done since the announcement earlier this month that season 6 would be coming to BBC America on the same day as its premier in Britain.

The trailer we got at the time showed us a couple of important things: that The Doctor would be coming to America, and that Amy, Rory, and River would be traveling with him. Beyond that, we only got flashes. This new trailer shows us a lot more.

It seems like this season will focus on some of The Doctor’s darker aspects again, and a few scenes are particularly telling: We hear River describing the upcoming events, saying that The Doctor will reach his highest point, then fall to his lowest.

We see several characters with guns, and even hear some shots, which is something rare for Doctor Who.

River and The Doctor kiss, while River tells us that The Doctor will finally learn who she really is.

In addition to all of that, we get a look at some of this season’s creepy monsters including a sad clown, a ventriloquist’s dummy, and a pretty ghost-girl.

All told, the trailer makes the season out to be something very dramatic and powerful, but we can still (hopefully) expect the same campy, cheesy fun, we’ve always gotten from Doctor Who, as they usually leave the really heavy stuff for Torchwood.

The sixth season of Doctor Who begins Saturday, April 23, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.