A closer look at some of the new 52 images from SDCC

This week, during SDCC, DC released a whole slew of interior images from their new 52 event, in which all 52 of their comics lines will be starting anew at issue #1.

All of the art is pre-dialog, so it doesn’t give too much away, but they certainly give us a chance to see the style of some of the renewed lines, and at points even to see what some of the #1s are going to be about.

Here are some of the more interesting ones:

First, this image from Adventure Comics gives us an idea of what the recaononizing stories of Superman’s past are going to look like, and even what kind of challenges he’s going to have to deal with in regards to public perception and trust of authorities, things which have mostly been worked out by the adult Superman.

Here we get a look at Aquaman’s challenge for #1, which appear to be some kind of black smoker colony creatures climbing out of a vent at the bottom of the ocean.

These pages from Supergirl (one of the new 52 lines I’m most looking forward to) place her in a frigid wasteland fighting robots.

Here we seem to be getting a look at the first villain for the main Superman line, who appears to be a flaming man. This pose of Superman’s is also a good indicator of the type of attitude this new Superman will have. He’s not the kindly, smiling Superman of old. He’s a broken and brooding man with a lot of weight on his shoulders.

This Batman page is one of the most interesting. It gives us a look at the new ‘yet still grittier’ art style for the Batman line, but also gives us a panel of what seems to be a (temporary?) alliance with The Joker, as the two of them beat up some Asylum freaks together.

This Batwoman dual gives us a look at her first adventure in the new line, but I honestly can’t tell what’s going on here, so I’ll leave it up to you, fine reader.

Catwoman is another one I’m really looking forward to (I do like my female anti-heroes). We see her here escaping from her apartment with a couple of her friends in tow, and then breaking up some kind of bad guy party.

Finally, these pages from Green Arrow show a new style for the character which removes his recognizable goatee, and, in general, has him looking younger. Perhaps this is someone else with a G on his belt shooting cool arrows at people, or perhaps a flashback. The images didn’t come with a description.

There has been little discussion at Comic-con so far about the four new Green Lantern lines, but there is still some time, perhaps we’ll get more images out of them yet.

The new 52 DC lines debut in September of this year, with the very first release, JLA #1 hitting shelves on the last day of August.