Game of Thrones – the beer?!

There are a number of movies and TV shows that are clear merchandising opportunities.

Take Star Wars and superhero movies, for example. Both are a no brainer because kids want action figures and vehicles. Although something like Game of Thrones may not seem like the right show for merchandise, HBO was selling a replica throne for $30,000 (!), and now there’s going to be Game of Thrones beer.

As Vanity Fair confirms, the beer will be made in partnership with Ommegang Brewery, and the first flavor in the line is going to be called the appropriately teutonic Iron Throne Blonde Ale. This definitely series to be the right kind of merchandising for the show, because it’s not exactly the kind of show where you can make toys for the kids, and there’s a lot of money to make in the booze biz. 

This beer will also be out on the market to coincide with the show’s third season debut on March 31, 2013. There’s going to be more flavors of Game of Thrones beer to come. The New York Times tells us the second beer will come out next fall, and then the next two Thrones beers will come out in the following seasons, one new flavor per season. You can get the beer in 750 ml bottles for $8.50.

Ommegang, the company that is making the beer in conjunction with HBO, is based in Cooperstown N.Y., and they are a Belgian-style brewery. It’s too early to see the label for the beer, or if it’s going to have any special bottles or anything like that, but again, it’s a funny way to have Game of Thrones merchandise that’s affordable. (Who can afford $30 Gs for a full-blown throne, right?) 

As notes, “Somebody knows their demographic, very, very well. Upscale geek, we call it.” The Huffington Post also wrote, “What’s more enjoyable than watching a titillating political drama set in the middle ages? Drinking the appropriately themed beer at the same time.”

Indeed, and if you are an upscale geek and can afford the throne to view your domain, then have the beer while watching the show, what could be better?