Top Gun 3D inches forward

Last year it was reported that Top Gun – the top film of 1986 – will be converted to 3D.

Now whether you like the movie or not, it really is a great candidate to be redone in 3D. Directed by the late Tony Scott, his slick, over the top filmmaking style has proven very influential over the years, and it would certainly be fascinating to see what the flick would  look like in the rapidly evolving format.


There’s still a lot of nostalgia for Top Gun today, and there was even talk of a sequel, with discussions for a second Gun going on this summer.

As the New York Times reports, there are still discussions going on at Paramount about what to do with the 3D version of Top Gun. As the Times reports, the studio understandably doesn’t want to come across as being “insensitive or exploitive” in the wake of Scott’s passing, and want to handle this correctly.

Of course, re-releasing Top Gun in 3D could be seen a real tribute to Tony’s directing prowess. Audiences unfamiliar with the movie today could clearly see Scott’s influence on today’s cinema, and pay tribute to Scott by enjoying his biggest film. To show it in 3D Imax would also take Scott’s vision to an even bigger, more eye popping realm. 


Scott was very supportive of the 3D conversion, and there’s been talk about potentially releasing Top Gun 3D in February in a one week Imax engagement. There’s also interest in Top Gun 3D in foreign markets such as China and Russia, where Tom Cruise is still a big draw.

Before Tony left us, he certainly knew Top Gun’s influence, and how there was a lot of interest in it again. In the meantime, throw on a copy of Top Gun at home, or throw on the majestic Top Gun theme by Harold Faltermeyer and guitarist Steve Stevens. Closing your eyes to the music, you can imagine yourself soaring above the clouds, which is where we can imagine Tony’s spirit is flying right now.