Harrison Ford eyes Star Wars episode seven

No, this story was not first reported on a parody site, although the thought of Harrison Ford coming back to Star Wars is…well, words escape us on this one.

Sure, it’s not as insane as the prospect of Ford coming back for a Blade Runner sequel, they’ll be snow warnings in hell before that happens, but Star Wars has never been Ford’s favorite subject, even though Han Solo was of course his big break through role.

Actually, in recent years, it’s been hard to imagine Harrison Ford being interested in much of anything, especially acting, and when you see him on talk shows he’s usually alternately grumpy and laconic, projecting all the excitement of a wet mop.

Still, Entertainment Weekly report that Ford is “open” to coming back for Episode Seven, as are the other original Star Wars gang of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. 

At the same time, if Ford does come back, Entertainment Weekly tells us, it may have a certain demand of Han Solo coming to an end. Apparently Han Solo was supposed to die in Return of the Jedi, but the plan was nixed because Solo was one of the biggest selling Star Wars action figures.

As Ford told ABC, “I thought he should have died in the last one to give it some bottom…George didn’t think there was any future in dead Han toys.” (Frozen Han toys were okay of course…)

While it would be interesting to see the original Star Wars trio back together again, we’re somewhat under the impression that as much as our childhood memories were damaged by the Star Wars prequels, our illusions could probably be equally shattered seeing the Star Wars gang old. (And please God don’t put Carrie Fisher back in the Princess Leia bikini again…)

So apparently with the next Star Wars episodes, the characters of Luke, Han and Leia are involved in the stories, but would we want to see them old and aged, especially considering so much of what we loved about Star Wars was the youthful heroics of Luke and the rest of the gang? Then again, maybe they can take the place of the wise elders like Obi Won and Yoda, guiding the Force with sage knowledge and experience.