Is Ghostbusters 3 finally a go?

We’ve reported on the seemingly endless saga of Ghostbusters 3 many times, to the point where I’ve wondered if this will be the most written about movie that won’t ever get made.

We all know Dan Aykroyd wanted to make another Ghostbusters film for well over a decade, but Bill Murray’s not interested, and Rick Moranis is retired.


And there’s also the other big elephant in the room: Can Aykroyd actually make a funny Ghostbusters at this stage of the game? We know there’s still plenty of love out there for Ghostbusters, but a lot of times in life, we should cherish the memories of our favorite movies instead of desperately trying to recapture them. 

Nevertheless, the latest Ghostbusters news doesn’t come from a geek site, but a very reputable source,, and Mike Fleming, who’s considered by many to be the best show biz reporter there is. The main story wasn’t even about Ghostbusters funny enough, it was about director Ivan Retiman’s filmmaking schedule.

Reitman directed both Ghostbusters I and II, and was going to make a movie with Kevin Costner about football called Draft Day at Paramount. That project’s now in turnaround, and now Reitman may indeed be looking towards another Ghostbusters as his fallback plan. 

This report also says if this goes forward, the shoot will happen next summer, which means another Ghostbusters could potentially be in theaters by the 30th anniversary of the first film in 2014.

Again, we’ve heard a lot of Ghostbusters news lately, and this one comes from a very reputable reporter, so we’ll see what comes of it, and maybe one day we’ll finally get to see if a third Ghostbusters can indeed be pulled off.

Aykroyd has also said that the next one would pass the torch to a younger group of ‘busters, which means the door would be open for even more, but first things first…