Doctor Who gift box gets timey-wimey

The BBC has announced a new Doctor Who box set which includes everything Doctor Who up until the beginning of the current season.


If you’ve been picking up the DVD box sets one at a time as they’ve been released, then this won’t be of much use to you, but for everyone else this is a pretty swank set of forty-one DVDs.

There is no official features list out yet for the Doctor Who: Limited Edition Gift Set, but from an examination of the promotional photo, we can see that the set contains all of these individual box sets, including all specials and bonus features which were included in them when originally released:

* Doctor Who: The Complete First Series

* Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series

* Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series

* Doctor Who: The Complete Fourth Series

* Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (which covers the specials for series 1-4)

* Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series

* Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series

In addition, there will be a final box with three specials that have never been released on DVD previously:

* The Women of Doctor Who

* The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who

* The Destinations of Doctor Who

Beyond the discs themselves, the set will contain

* A replica of the eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver

* Doctor Who at Comic-Con graphic novel

* Three high-quality prints, each depicting one of the doctors and their primary companions, seemingly ready for frames.

Amazon is displaying a suggested retail price of $249.99 in the US, though, as usual, their starting price is not quite that high. Either way it’s signifigantly cheaper than picking up all of these discs individually. Amazon’s UK site does not yet have a listing.

The Doctor Who: Limited Edition Gift Set will be on shelves November 20th, 2012, in plenty of time for the holiday gift-giving season. It can be preordered on Amazon.